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Pie bakers of all ages, please sign up for one of 18 spots, in our pie crust workshop at Church of the Wildwood’s beautiful Tatter Hall.  


Bakers under 12, please bring your adult and you two will be a team.


We will first sample a few pies to help inspire your inner pie maker. Bakers will learn an all butter crust recipe. We will provide you the ingredients, tools, and “know how” for you to make enough pie dough to finish your pie creation at home.


You might even enter that pie in the Bronc Day pie contest the following day!


Have you ever made a hand pie (aka turnover, pop tart, or empanada)? You will be making those also.


Donations to cover ingredients are welcomed but not necessary. You might bring an apron if you like, but no need to bring anything else!

Your “pie coach” is Lisa Huizenga. In Lisa’s twenties she learned to make apple pies from her beloved Aunt Dolores. Since then she’s been sharing her pie skills with her friends every fall when they make a few hundred apple pies for their freezers. Lisa also has taught pie baking to the Green Box community for many years. And when working as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Lisa and her young “charges” would occasionally make pies together.  She is extremely confident that anyone can make pies, and love the process.

Pie is Lisa’s “love language” and she thinks it should be yours too.  Her favorite pie author is Kate McDermott. Kate writes in her book “Art of the Pie”, “Pie is an ambassador of love. Pie doesn’t care about perfection or precision. It doesn’t care if it’s savory or sweet, big or little, or whether it is finished with a full top or a lattice top. Although nice for the baker, pie couldn’t care less if it merits a blue ribbon at the fair. What matters is that it continues to be made, shared, and taught so that there will be an unbroken line of future generations of pie makers practicing the craft. When you put it all together, pie teaches us that - far more important than the right sugar, or ratio of fat to flour - love is the most important ingredient.  Made with hands and hearts, pie is love, and love is best when shared.” 

Please come join us, either at the workshop, the pie contest at Bronc Day, or to sample the wonderful pies of contest entrants at the Bronc Day pie tent. 

Friday, July 28, 3 pm to 5 pm

Church in the Wildwood - Tatter Hall

Please bring your own 8 - 10 inch pie plate

Pie Crust Workshop Registration

We're Sorry! The class is full.

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